Teachers 誰是我孩子的老師?


都是 Musikgarten註冊導師。

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Colette Lui

Colette Lui
(Certified Musikgarten and Piano Teacher)

Having been playing the piano ever since I can remember but never understood what music is until my study at the Christian Art College Wesley Institute in Sydney. I now understand that music is not only expressive but as well pure; it’s not only captivating but as well inspiring; it’s not only personal but as well sharing.

Along with my study at W.I., I had the privilege to be teaching at the The Maadd Music School; in which I not only grew a passion for teaching, as well I learnt to help young people to realize their full potential in music and in their journey of learning.

Apart from music, Church has been another core influence in my life where my passion and direction have been shaped, and where I learnt to share my gift with one another and to bless others with what I’ve been blessed with.

On the other hands, I have had the opportunities to be involved in many performances in Sydney and as well my two choir tours around Europe; having been explored to different genres of music, I was indeed fascinated and inspired, and my understanding of music has definitely been matured.

It is my privilege to be part of Tutti Music and I look forward to continuing my passion for music with your child.

Isabeau Totterer
Isabeau Totterer
(Certified Musikgarten and Percussion teacher)

Isabeau Totterer has a very deep love and appreciation for all forms of music.  She is passionate about sharing the joy she finds with all people, but especially young learners. She strongly believes that music belongs in every household and believes that early involvement in music is the best start for a happy and fulfilling life.  Ms. Totterer graduated the University of Utah, USA with Bachelors in Music Education, specializing in Percussion studies. After teaching for US public schools, she and her husband relocated to Hong Kong where she has enjoyed her involvement in every opportunity she has had to facilitate musical learning.  Isabeau is looking forward to many more years of providing quality music education to children around the globe.

Yvonne Ho

Yvonne Ho
(Certified Musikgarten and Flute teacher, Licensed Baby Masseuse (IAIM))

In my younger years while living in Ontario, Canada, I felt a strong desire to play the flute. I still remember the excitement I had when I first encountered the sounds of a flute. There was a strong eagerness to practice day and night to master this beautiful instrument. I then joined the band and SSA (Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto) choir. I was delighted to start playing the flute in grade 6, as part of the SSA choir, and as the first flute for band in elementary school.

I remember going to visit the prestigious school Unionville High School (UHS) in Toronto, which provides specialized programs for music majors. Their opening of orchestra band performance was amazing and it blew me away. I auditioned for UHS and got accepted. I still remember the excitement I had on the first day walking into the music halls as a music major. Not wanting to miss any chances, I took part in the honour band, concert band, and grade 9 band.

When I returned to Hong Kong, I continued pursuing music by taking part as the first flute in the at Christian Alliance International School and was nominated by Mr. Tom Stroud, the band director, to be a part of the Southeast Asia Honor Band Festival (SEA).  Only a small number of young musicians are chosen each year to participate in this mass band festival and world wide renowned band masters join this festival to run workshops for ensembles that perform at the end of the festival.

After obtaining my grade 8 diploma in flute, my commitment to expanding my knowledge and skills in music have given me the discipline to continue to learn the piano which has helped me to facilitate children’s understanding of music the classroom. As well as learning piano, I also have started playing the trumpet. I have a solid plan to advance my professional development this year and I am very excited to be able to apply it in the classroom. Teaching baby classes is one of my heartfelt teaching experiences. Being a licensed Baby masseuse at International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) after training at Matilda International Hospital, I have started offering Baby musik and massage.

The opportunity to work with children has been an immense inspiration to me. I see the excitement and enthusiasm they have for music and it brings back my childhood memories of picking up the flute for the first time. Being able to facilitate and guide them through the process of learning and developing their skills through music still moves me deeply. As an avid vocalist, it has been fun to be able to use my vocal training in the classroom with young children. Human voice is powerful and it is incredible to see responses to live singing and storytelling from children, parents, and caregivers. Being a part of the Tutti Music family has been a wonderful experience. I am confident that as I continue to work in the musical field, my skills and experiences will be an integral component to teaching children in this fostering environment.

Katrina Lagrisola

Katrina Lagrisola
(Certified Musikgarten and Singing Class Teacher)

s a mother to my very young son Sean, it is one of my biggest goals to impart my passion for music to him. Music has always been a part of me and it is a central aspect of my life for as long as I can remember.

I grew up in a family of performers who loved to sing, dance and play the guitar and piano. As a child, I sang ALL the time—with my uncles, siblings and cousins, in the supermarket, when I am alone, when I listen to the radio and when I am with my friends. I was also constantly asked by my teachers to sing in class and in school events. Then I started having formal music lessons. I joined various singing groups and I learned to play the piano and the electric organ. 

Even in pursuing other fields, music was still part of my life. I finished my degree in Psychology with flying colors while being part of an events-organizing group, a pop-jazz band and a liturgical choir. I never thought I would be having a career in music until I taught science in a secondary school. It was then that I realized that I didn’t want to teach anything else other than music. So after teaching science for a year I went back to college, but this time to earn my degree in Choral Conducting. 

After some time in the College of Music, I was given an opportunity to work in Hong Kong Disneyland as the soprano in their new a capella quartet. In Disneyland I met my husband, who is also a musician. Then after working there for a year, I decided to venture into early childhood music education. 

It has always been my dream to teach music to children and I feel that I am in the right place to be. With Tutti Music I am sure that I will be able to share my love and passion and music to my students, to their parents and to their families.

Christine Chui

Christine Chui
(Piano Teacher and Certified Musikgarten Teacher)

As a kid, I never thought that playing piano would be such an important part in my adult life. Since having after school activity was such a common practice, my piano lessons were part of my weekly routine. But growing up, I realized that music wasn't only for fun, I learned self-discipline, commitment and most importantly patience in my 20 years of playing piano.

Graduated with a degree in Language Studies and obtained my Performer's Certificate of Piano Solo from Trinity College of London, I believe the learning of language and music is closely related, they both are ways of communication. In fact, music itself is a language. Speech development is very important in a child's total development. Music helps young children to extend their linguistic ability.

My personal experience of 8 years being a piano teacher and a phonics tutor for children has helped me to be more flexible to adjusting to every child's learning ability. Being an older sister, I have developed a caring trait that makes me really comfortable and nurturing to young children.

I am very happy and excited that I joined the happy musical family in Tutti Music. My goal is to educate children and develop their abilities with the elements of music.

Nikolay Demerdzhiev

Nikolay Demerdzhiev
(Violin Teacher)

Hello! My name is Nikolay Demerdzhiev. I am graduated the Graz Arts University with two master degrees in majors of Viola Performance and Viola Pedagogy. I am teaching Violin and Viola as well. The main method, which I use, is the Colour Strings Method, developed from Géza Szilvay. I am looking forward to teaching your children in the language of music!

Spring Lui
Spring Lui 
(Musikgarten teacher)

Being a musician has always been my dream since I was very young. Trained as a classical pianist and singer, I have always wanted to be creative and enjoyed different genre of music. With my strength in technology and computer science, I obtained a degree in Music Production and Engineering in the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.  Upon graduation, I worked full time in Berklee, teaching and assisting college students with music software, and gave private piano lessons to students of different age (ranging from 4 to 60!).
It wasn’t until I had my first child that I found the joy of making music together as a family. We moved to Chicago, where we went to our first family music and movement program. My son was 10 months old back then, and it was intriguing to me that music could be learnt at such a young age in a fun and loving way. Music is a great platform that fosters positive developments and family bonding. We enjoyed the program so much that soon I found myself taking the teacher training and ready to share this joy with more families.
One of my passions after moving back to Hong Kong is to bring in the culture of family music making such that children and their parents can have fun in music as a family. 
At the same time, I continue to produce music, freelancing as a composer, arranger, and TV drama scorer, and my recent works include two children hymnals.
I am looking forward to bring the joy of family music with Musikgarten to you and your family!

Janet Kwok
Janet Kwok 
(Certified Musikgarten and piano teacher)

My interest toward music began at the moment when I saw my cousin with her piano. I can still remember how amazed I was and how I spent days to persuade my mother to let me take up piano lessons. Ever since then, I was actively involved in school activities such as chorus, jazz band, orchestra, recorder group and was invited to perform as a soloist in morning assemblies and in bands for concerts. At the age of 12, I entered a music competition held by the school and became winner for the age group of 11 to 14. All the musical engagement I had in primary and secondary school had fostered my intention of taking up music in higher education.

During the three years of studying Music with Mathematics at the University of East Anglia for my Bachelor degree, I was very glad to have met my piano teacher there who was very inspiring. He has helped me to feel, to understand and to express my emotions through music playing. My passion for music playing grew even stronger after the three years and that became the reason why I decided to take up Performance and Related Studies in my Master degree.

Being a music student, I were to have public concerts in the university and in town. I can still remember one concert where an audience who attended my concert was influenced by my music, she contacted me after the night and let me know how she used to dislike playing this piece of music, but after listening to my interpretation, she grew her interest to learn it all over again. This is when I realized how much impact I could have on someone and therefore, I would like to become a teacher.

After returning to Hong Kong, I taught piano for different age of students for 2 years until I was part of the Tutti Music family. It is such a pleasant to be surrounded by children. I hope to share my passion for music, help my students to enjoy music the same way as I do and develop their abilities.

Rieko Koyama
Rieko Koyama
(Certified Musikgarten and percussion teacher)

Beginning with intensive training in rudimental percussion, Rieko Koyama developed da sense of musicality and discipline that were being further groomed in her studies at Indiana University with Anthony Cirone and Gerald Carlyss. After completing her Bachelor degree at Indiana University, Rieko continued her study at New England Conservatory. She has performed under Valery Gergiev and Riccardo Muti’s Batons at Pacific Music Festival and at Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music in Santa Cruz, California. She was a Timpanist/Percussionist of the Hyogo Performing Arts Center orchestra and is currently percussionist of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta.