Becoming a Musikgarten Teacher
Frequently Asked Questions:
Am I qualified to take the workshop even if I have limited experience in teaching and music making?
我的教學和音樂經驗有限, 是否合資格報讀此工作坊?
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Am I qualified to take the workshop even if I have limited experience in teaching and music making?

As long as you can sing in tune and are able to keep a steady beat, you are qualified to sign up for the Musikgarten Teacher Training workshop.

2. I enjoy working with children but I am not sure about babies. How do I know if Musikgarten suits me?

Musikgarten is the only early childhood music education curriculum that goes from birth to 9 years old. You are recommend to start with "Family Music with Toddlers" and get a taste for teaching young children. It is essentially your choice to choose which level you want to offer in your program after that.

3. When can I anticipate to teach my own classes? Am I going to be equipped and ready to teach after the workshop?

The first half of the workshop will prepare you for the first 7 lessons of the "Dance with Me" curriculum. You will see a demonstration of every activity for these seven lessons during the workshop. We will be with you every step of the way. In the following week, we will continue the 2nd half of the same curriculum and by then you will have a much deeper understanding as you have a week of time to study the activities and ask higher thinking questions. It is our goal to equip you to be ready to start immediately to teach in the following month. If you are an organization looking for proven early childhood music education curricula to expand your program and/or business, please contact us for further enquiries at

1. 我的教學和音樂經驗有限, 是否合資格報讀此工作坊?

只要您有穩定音準及節拍, 您便合資格報讀Musikgarten師資培訓工作坊。

2. 我熱愛在充滿小孩的環境工作, 但對於接觸嬰兒沒有把握, 如何知道Musikgarten是否適合我?

Musikgarten是唯一一個為零至九歲孩童度身訂造的完善幼兒音樂教育課程。若您未確定您的工作對象, 我們建議您先嘗試親子幼兒班, 從教授幼童開始。此後您可自行選擇開辦不同程度的音樂班。

3. 我預計何時能獨立授課? 完成工作坊後, 是否代表我能立即開始授課?

工作坊(第一部分)將教授“與我同舞”課程中的首七份教案。工作坊中, 導師會把所有音樂活動全部示範一次, 並指導學員即時實習。工作坊(第二部分)於一星期後舉行, 導師將示範課程中其餘的教案, 並回答學員在該星期研習第一部分的音樂活動時遇到的問題。我們的目標是裝備您能在完成工作坊後立即開始授課。如您的機構欲使用此認可幼兒音樂課程以擴充業務, 請電郵至enquiry.mghk@gmail.com作進一步查詢。