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PN Music Playgroup 

Two music centric preschool curriculums aiming to unlock your child’s potential. 

Playgroup •••

A complete multi-year educational program that helps infants, toddlers, and children develop a deep love of music and the ability to express it. 

Musikgarten 以歌唱開發幼兒對音樂、英語、語言的學習樂趣 ...
Group Instrumental Courses
Group Piano/Violin/Trumpet/
Flute/Drum/Guitar Classes
Research tells us group
instrumental learning for
ages 3-6 learns is accelerated
compare with one-on-one lesson

英語樂器小組班 (每月開新班)
Instrumentation Assessment
Are you preparing your child to learn an orchestra instrument for school? Are you having a dilemma over whether you should put your child on Saxophone or flute, clarinet or trumpet, violin or viola? Being on the best-suited instrument can have a major impact on your child's sucess. 專業樂器評估(木管、銅管、弦樂、響樂) - 為孩子選擇最合適學習的樂器